Improving your productivity


Get your ‘to do’ list done! Scheduling will not only keep you organised and focused, but you’ll get that ‘oh-so-satisfying’ feel of crossing tasks off.


Eliminate distractions

Distractions throughout the day are inevitable, whether it’s unannounced phone call, emails that constantly popping up, or a colleague who just loves to bang on. Set aside time to respond to all your emails, this will mean that you can stay focused on your allocated task throughout the day. Make sure you schedule time for your important phone calls so you can give them your full attention.


Smart snacking

Sugary foods might give you that quick burst of energy you’re after, but when the sugar high fades you’ll be left with an afternoon slump. Try and swap your sugary snacks for foods higher in protein and fibre, or foods rich in antioxidants.


Time out

Short breaks are a must if you’re feeling mentally drained. Feeling tired will hinder your productivity and it is at this point you will begin to make mistakes. Why not book some time off work? That way you can return refreshed and ready to work.



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