Personal leisure Travel

Personal leisure travel

With Business Travel by STA Travel

It's not just business travel! We can also plan your personal leisure travel, we have over 35 years experience in booking low cost flights, exciting tours and accommodation to suit any budget!
When booking your travel through Business Travel by STA Travel you’ll qualify for exclusive discounts when you book your next personal trip or holiday. STA Travel is one of the world’s largest independent travel providers, helping over 2 million travellers each year! We offer a huge range of travel options from adventure tours and package holidays, through to bespoke and tailor made trips.


A convenient way to travel that opens your mind to local cultures, gets you trying out a whole bunch of new activities and lets you see the world!

Weekend breaks

Planning a shorter trip? Our unique airline partnerships mean we can offer the best rates on all trips, even weekend breaks!


Booking hotels just got easier. We have a wide range of choice, from luxury to budget, be sure to get the best rates with Business Travel by STA Travel.
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Travel extras

From our comprehensive travel insurance and visa service to the Multiflex pass and discount cards, we supply all the travel extras you need!
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Expert Visa Services

Lots of countries require visas for entry. We can help you find out if you need one and make it easy for you to buy one, saving you a trip to the embassy and money! Whether you're heading to China, flying to India or even stopping off in the USA - we can offer you up to date advice and make sure you have plenty of time to get your visa sorted!