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Tips for being productive while working from home


It’s time to get those highlighters out and visualise your time. Set out what you want to achieve in your day. You’ll want to consider how your day will be structured, and when you will take morning or afternoon breaks, and lunch breaks.


Where possible, try to keep your daily structure as close to that of your office day. It’s advisable to take your lunch at a similar time every day and ensure you take the time to eat away from your work station. That way you’ll separate breaks from work. Without structure and routine, it can be difficult to achieve the same amount of output you would see in the office.

Take breaks

Ensure you take regular breaks away from the screen. Just as in the office take the time to make a cup of tea, or wander around your house to stretch your legs. We also recommend taking a step into some fresh air if you have the time. Quick 5-minute meditation sessions can help you regroup and refocus.


It’s no news to us that successful people undertake exercise regularly. In fact, in one study participants noted a 72 percent improvement in time management and workload completed on days when they exercised.

Whether you fit in a run before work, crunch some abs on your lunch break, or walk the dog after logging out, it is essential to try to regularly sandwich some exercise into your day when working from home.


If you’re working from home it can be easy to feel isolated from your team. It is essential that you utilise skype and phone options to communicate with others when working from home. While email is a good way to stay in touch, it lacks a personal touch which you might be craving when working from home. Make sure you’re checking in on colleagues who are also working from home, check they are coping okay away from the office environment.


Whether it’s your mobile, your dog, or even your partner. At home, there are more distractions than in your average office environment. The best way to overcome distractions is to be strict with yourself.

Try to ensure you set up your station away from distractions, or allocate your time to be ‘distracted.’

Get dressed

Who doesn’t love emailing in their pyjamas? While it might be a comfortable set up, it doesn’t always prompt effective work. We recommend waking up and showering and dressing for what you want to achieve for the day. Your invisible co-workers will appreciate it!

Set up properly

Where you work has a dramatic impact on your productivity. Be sure to set up your home office properly. You’ll want to ensure that you separate ‘work’ and ‘home’ as much as possible. This will ensure that you stay focused throughout the day, and ensure that you don’t feel work encroaching on your personal life.

Help with working from home

Working from home, for some a pleasure, for others a boring alternative to the office. Check out the latest on our blog, with advice and tips for those working from home.
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