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The introduction of computer technology has completely changed the way we live and the industries we work in. The travel industry is one that has altered out of all recognition. Historically, booking travel was something that only an expert could do, with a trip to the travel agent an essential part of the booking process. Today at Business Travel by STA Travel, we are seeing a completely different picture. We offer our customers online booking tools so they can book their own travel, wherever and whenever they need.

Business Travel by STA Travel offers cutting edge technology that can help you with all your Business Travel needs. Our commitment to the changing face of the travel industry means that we have stayed ahead of the curve. We are a travel agent offering a blended service, that gives the best of online transactions, coupled with superb and experienced travel teams who can help with those itineraries that are a little more difficult to put together.

In the event of an emergency, duty of care systems can track customers to their exact location for contact and repatriation with little issue. Our in-house 24hr emergency department means that we can ensure the safety of your travellers at all times. New reporting tools allow financial departments to track their travel spend, and the ability to vet and approve bookings with authorisation procedures means bookings remain within travel policy and budget. 

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Work the world, travel the world with Business Travel by STA Travel.

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