How to be a productive business traveller

Plan ahead
It might be obvious, but it’s important! When travelling halfway across the country, you won’t have constant internet access. Make sure you do your research before your trip and download any documents you might need.

Don’t sacrifice comfort
With increasing pressure from companies for staff to cut business travel costs, most travellers will opt for a standard seat. But research has shown that 86% of business passengers admit to being more productive when travelling in First Class. Whilst you might save a few bucks, you’ll just end up having more to do back in the office!

Pack the right tools
Whilst it might be easy to read a few articles on your smartphone, it’s not the best piece of equipment to write a report on. The right technology such as your laptop or tablet (and your charger!) is critical to getting your work done efficiently while travelling. 

Although we all want to get projects out of the way, it’s important to have some downtime on your travels. On long journeys it’s good to take a break every so often to recharge and reflect on the work you’ve just done. Take a book, magazine or your headphones to relax at the end of a journey.

Get organised

Limited tools means limited capacity, so a rail or plane journey could be the perfect opportunity to update your to-do list and plan ahead.

Business travel tip

Travelling to meet international clients? Why not download a language app and brush up on your skills, you might just impress them into a deal!

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