Your perfect meeting room

Technology, you can run but you can’t hide! It’s everywhere and it plays a vital role in any business, so it’s important that your meeting space has the right equipment to host everyone’s devices. Not only will it aid a smooth meeting, but it will maximise every minute of your time.

A comfortable environment is essential to employee productivity. A small change such as brightening up the room or changing the layout can inspire creativity, ideas and collaboration. 

First impressions
There’s shabby chic and then there is just plain shabby! Make the right first impression to perspective clients with a well-designed clean meeting environment.

Worldwide attendees
If you have employees dotted around the globe, it can be costly and time consuming to get them to head office. A tech savvy meeting room makes it a whole lot easier to connect employees and make business decisions, wherever they are in the world.

Did you know?

Business Travel by STA Travel can source meeting rooms and venues worldwide! Whether you need a small room for 5 or a conference space for 500, our experts can find the right solution for you. Speak to one of the team today

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