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The Garden Challenge
Want to bring your staff closer together whilst helping your local community? The Garden Challenge is a motivational team building challenge where your staff will work together to create new 
community plots, school gardens, and even the local parks.
Skills built:  Corporate Social Responsibility, Motivation

Weekend Trips
Make the most of it and take a few days away from the office to relax and get to know one abnother. Why not spend the days partaking in activities such as kayaking, paintball, and orienteering. Be sure to give employees some free time at the end of the trip to relax and look back on what they’ve achieved! 
Skills built:  Communication, Understanding

Camping adventure
Get back to nature! Watch your colleagues become closer than ever, building on relationships as they put up their tents and cook food on the barbecue. What better way to maximise your teams’ potential than singing songs around a roaring campfire.
Skills built:  Relationships, Motivation, Incentive

Escape room
Working under pressure has never been so fun! Find clues and solve puzzles to escape a locked room. This activity encourges engagement and interaction all whilst boosting creativity! 
Skills built:  Motivation, Communication, Working under time pressure, Problem solving, Leadership


The best thing about these team building activities is that they can all be done around the world! Want to make your team building an international affair? Speak to one of our experts today 0333 321 3101


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