The hidden costs of business travel

Employee Burnout 
Numerous trips, long hours and going back and forth between different time zones can really take its toll on employees. Many employees find themselves working later, or even taking work home both the week before and the few days after their trips in order to complete tasks or catch up on the working time they missed during the trip. 

Burnout can result in lower confidence levels, a drop in productivity and even job satisfaction which means it’s more important than ever to ensure you aren’t overstressing or overworking staff before, during and after business trips. 

Cost of your Time
Planning business trips can be hugely time consuming: from creating travel policies, researching hotels, financial decisions to finally booking hotels, flights and rail. Business Travel by STA Travel work hard to cut the time your employees spend labouriously searching price comparision websites, we do the hard work for your business and let you get on with 'real' work.

Environmental Impact
It can be easy to forget about the impact that we’re having on the world, but as global business travel spend is set to reach $1.6 Trillion USD by 2020 it’s clear that there will be an even bigger impact on the environment in the years to come. 

If you think your business travel could be more environmentally friendly, why not check out the Business Travel by STA Travel reporting tool or read about how to make your business travel more sustainable on our blog.

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