Top tips for staying healthy on your next business trip

Don’t abuse the company card
It can be tempting to indulge in a three-course meal when away on business, especially if the company are footing the bill. When dining out try and opt for lighter options and keep drinking to a minimum if you want to keep your weight in check.


Consider home cooking
When booking accommodation, consider self-catering options as this means you can monitor exactly what you are eating. Restaurants, especially those abroad can load up on oils and salt through the cooking process, cooking for yourself means you can avoid this.


Pre-pack your snacks
Choices in the airport or in-flight can often be limited, this can lead to being lured in by tempting high calorie convenience food. Why not bring your own healthy snacks to the airport, this will defer those cravings.


Don’t skip meals
Delayed flights and long waits can make it easy to skip meals. Ensure you are eating properly when travelling. If travelling long haul, make sure meals are included and if not make sure you organise this before you go. Try to eat three good meals to defer from snacking or overloading on food when you arrive at your destination. Eating three healthy meals will also reduce fatigue and symptoms of jet-lag.


Try to do some exercise
Being on a plane might not leave much room for jumping jacks. Make sure you make an effort to stand and walk around the aircraft, this will stop legs from aching and swelling. Rolling feet and legs on tennis balls will also reduce aching and stiffness.


Pack accordingly
Make sure you pack sportswear, right next to the laptop! If you have time schedule a small work out, this will allow you to relax and release stress.


Go to the gym
When booking your accommodation, try and book hotels that offer gym facilities, therefore if given the opportunity you can exercise on site. Activities such as swimming are low impact and the exercise will help you get a better night sleep even away from your usual bed.


Stay Hydrated
Avoid dodgy tap water, if in doubt buy bottled water and make sure you buy ample amount to avoid dehydration.

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