The top 10 business travel destinations of 2017

Chicago is home to one of the best media industries in the world and an equally great tech scene, which has seen an influx of business travellers swarming to.

New York
The bright lights of New York are an obvious hub for the most powerful business and financial institutions in the world. The city has great communication networks, it’s almost certain that you’ll have a trip or two here.

London is the business hub of the UK and is Europe’s financial epicentre. With business’s that can rival even the globe’s top multinationals, London is a unique and commercially vibrant city. 

A bustling hub of all things finance and manufacturing, Toronto is Canada’s biggest city with business that packs a punch. 

The Irish capital hosts a number of multinational headquarters, including Google and Airbnb, all of which take advantage of European ties. Pair that with an incredible atmosphere in the city and you’ve got one great destination!

As Southeast Asia’s powerhouse, Singapore has some impressive business growth in the past decade. Year after year business’s flock to the financial capital for the cutting edge tech and industries.

Frankfurt is home to almost all of the globe’s top banks. There are over 200 nationalities in Frankfurt, making it one of Germany’s most cosmopolitan and popular cities for business travel.

Any international business traveller will no doubt stop in Brussels. The city also hosts the globe’s top multinationals as well as the European Union parliament.

France’s capital is actually one of the busiest points of entry into the single European market and has one of the highest concentrations of corporate powerhouses on the planet. 

Gold Coast
With a record breaking economy, Australia is an obvious choice for business travel. Despite being a laid back city, the Gold Coast is a highly competitive business centre and is the home of the country’s film industry.

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