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Why use a business travel agency

Why use a Business Travel Agency? Most people think they can find cheaper prices on the net. “If you cut out the middle man you save lots of money” – we’ve heard that argument countless times. But it’s not always true. Business travel is one of the largest controllable expenditures within any company, and we understand it’s crucial to make every penny count. Using an experienced agent like Business Travel by STA Travel can save you money.

How? We have experienced consultants who can guide your travellers to the most cost effective way of getting to their destination. We have Account Managers who take a broad overview of your spend and help you negotiate specific deals with suppliers and then monitor the usage of those deals. We have cutting edge IT tools that help your travellers make their own bookings online whilst ensuring they get the most competitive price. We have accounting functions that can help you find the best way of paying for your travel without unduly disrupting your cash flow. We have reporting that allows you to monitor your travel closely and identify areas that need work. And in today’s security conscious times, we have duty of care packages that ensure your travellers are always in touch.

As a Business Travel Agent, we understand that getting the best price is important. But travellers rarely factor in the time spent surfing the net – time that you as a company are paying for. Without an experienced team helping, it can be a lottery as to what your people will find and how they will pay for it. With a Business Travel Agent, transparency is vital.

The consultants at Business Travel by STA Travel are all experienced travellers and can give you invaluable advice and help. Our fares are unique to us and amongst the most competitive in the market place. And we know how travel works. Interested? Call us on 0333 321 3101 for a completely free, no obligation chat and we’ll be happy to show how we can help. It might be the most valuable call you’ll make today.

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