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What can it do?

Plans change and now so can your flights, discover the ultimate flexibility with the help of the Business Travel by STA Travel MultiFLEX pass. This pass waivers all date change fees held by airlines. So, if you know your plans could be changing, purchase one before you go to get the best value for money.

    With this pass you can change flights online and carry on skipping round the planet for as long as you like!

  • 3 CHANGE PASS FR £69

    With this pass you can change flight dates three times once you have departed without paying any fees


    This pass is a great reassurance if you are uncertain on your travel plans, for just £29 you can't go wrong!

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Save with this date change pass


▪ Multiflex can only be used with changeable flight tickets. If changes are not permitted to your flight ticket, the Multiflex pass cannot be used. Please check the fare rules of your ticket(s) to confirm. Still unsure? Speak to one our Travel Experts for clarification on whether the Multiflex pass is permitted in conjunction with your ticket.

▪ Multiflex can only be purchased before departure.

▪ If you decide to change your flights before you leave the UK this is only covered if you have purchased the Unlimited Change Pass. Changes before you leave the UK are not covered on the One Change or 3 Change MultiFLEX Passes and changes have to be paid for.

▪ Your Multiflex pass will entitle you to a specified number of date changes after you have left the UK via our dedicated Global Travel Help Team

▪ With Multiflex ALL airline and company date change fees will be waived, however any additional costs in airline fare or taxes incurred as a result of availability will be chargeable.

▪ Your Multiflex pass is non-refundable.

▪ After you have left the UK date changes using the Multiflex Pass can ONLY be redeemed by emailing our Global Travel Help Team via this link: Contacting us through any other channel will incur standard fees.

▪ Multiflex date changes can only be redeemed against flights for the named passengers' current flight booking and are not transferable. A new trip requires a new Multiflex pass. All date changes are subject to availability and ticket conditions. e.g. Maximum stay.

▪ If re-routing your ticket is permitted by the airline, the Multiflex pass enables you to waive STA Travel fees, however you will be responsible for the Airline’s re-routing fee, which is separate from date change costs.

▪ All changes must be made before the originally booked date of travel. If you miss your flight, it may not be possible to rebook using your current ticket even if you have purchased a Multiflex pass. No shows may also have an effect on remaining segments of your tickets, possibly resulting in a new purchase being required.

▪ As such, please try and make all changes as far in advance as of your original/proposed travel date (whichever is sooner) as possible to ensure good availability. If you change your ticket to another travel season, or at the last minute then you will be responsible for any difference in flight price.

▪ Date changes within 48 hours of travel will only be considered due to an emergency (e.g. sickness or personal incident).

▪ Multiflex pass does not change the terms and conditions of your fare as explained to you at the time of sale. Please contact your Travel Expert for more information about this, e.g. the maximum length of stay on your ticket.

▪ The Multiflex pass is only valid in conjunction with Economy class tickets.