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How not to be the classic commuter

Technological etiquette

When it comes to phone etiquette on public transport the list is a mile long, so let’s break it down for you! News flash, no one wants to listen to your 8am catch ups with your best friends. Instead reserve your phone calls for your lunch break or your walk to work. 
If your music isn’t contained by your earphones, then we’re sorry you also fall into the ‘classic commuter’ category. Equally Candy Crush with the sound on, is simply a no go! Make sure you’re conscious of the level of volume coming from your phone whilst crammed in on packed transport.

Large suitcases

There’s nothing worse than trying to manoeuvre around a person strolling along with a suitcase containing half their house. Who wants to play dodgems during rush hour? If you have to travel with a suitcase, consider getting a taxi instead. Another option is travel during non-peak times to evade the glares of rushing commuters.

Moaning about tiredness

Shockingly we’re all tired in the morning and moaning isn’t going to change that fact! Why not try going to sleep earlier? Those extra moments in bed could make or break your tiredness in the morning. We recommend a little friend called caffeine! A nice warm cup of coffee or tea in the morning will give you that added boost of energy to tackle your day!


Sometimes a girl’s got to eat! But we need to make this very clear: egg & cress, tuna mayo and tandoori chicken are where the line is drawn! We understand that sometimes mornings can become a blur of running to catch the train or bus and you might not be able to eat at home. Consider carrying some ‘on-the-go’ snacks for those moments. It’s a good idea to always carry some fruit or cereal bars in your bag at all times in case you get peckish!

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