multiflex flight passes

multiflex date change passes fr £29

Ultimate flexibility! Stay on, schedule extra meetings or explore your destination. With our exclusive MultiFLEX tickets all of this is possible and more. If your flights are eligible, add one of our exclusive MultiFLEX passes onto your business travel booking before you fly, and have the freedom to change the date of flights hassle free, and without having to pay airline fees.

    MultiFLEX covers all STA and airline date change fees. If the new flight is more expensive than the original, you WILL have to pay the difference.


    Buy your pass before you fly and change your dates once you've left the UK. Please check that your flight is eligible, as not all of them are!

  • 3 date change passes

    You can choose from 3 different multiflex date changes passes; 1 change pass, 3 change pass or unlimited change pass.

1 change pass from £29

Reassurance if you've booked a return flight but might need to stay a bit longer or if you need to get back to the office sooner than expected! Ask our STA Travel Business Experts to find out if your flight is eligible to add this pass to your business travel package for just £29!
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Unlimited date changes from £99

Ultimate flexibility! Unlimited changes with no date change fees - perfect for big business trips & round the world adventures. If meetings change or you can’t bear to leave your destination, change your flight dates online & carry on roaming for as long as you like!
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Our 3 change MultiFLEX pass is ideal for one of our awesome multistop routes. With this pass you can change flight dates three times once you've departed without paying any fees, saving you £££s! This pass is only bookable offline, so speak to one of our travel experts for more information or call us now to book!
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Terms & conditions for the Multiflex

1. Multiflex Pass can only used against certain tickets. Call a Travel Expert to find out which ones are eligible.

2. Multiflex can only be purchased before departure.

3. Multiflex can only be used once you’ve left the UK – if you need to make any changes pre-departure, ask your travel expert to guide you through options and fees.

4. Multiflex covers all STA and airline date change fees, however if the flight you are changing to is more expensive or has higher taxes than your original flight, then you must pay any fare difference (our hands are tied with this one – airline rules we’re afraid!).

5. Multiflex does not change the rules of your purchased ticket, e.g. maximum stay validity.

6. Multiflex will make it easier to change your date whenever possible but flights can always fill up, especially in peak season. Please change your date with far in advance as you can; the more notice you give, the more chance we have of getting you the seat you want.