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Our globally negotiated, unique airline partnerships mean we can offer the lowest and most flexible airfares. Staff can search through their online booking portal or make offline bookings through their dedicated team.

Account specific requirements

If like many of our accounts you have a staff booking policy your staff must adhere to then we will work hard to make sure all your employees book within policy. That means we can offer employees advice of where, when and what they can book. Meaning you can keep spend in check!
The relationships we have with our suppliers mean we hold rates you won’t find anywhere else in the market. Our pre-existing relationships mean bookings can be confirmed and booked with minimal effort from your staff and as quickly as possible.
Account specific rates
Account specific rates
We offer all our business accounts monthly reports. In these reports we’ll give you a full breakdown of what you book. If you book the same routes and hotels frequently then we’ll work with our suppliers to ensure you’re getting the best rates, all of the time!
Our standards
Our standards
We only work with the most reputable suppliers from around the globe. We are constantly reviewing our suppliers to ensure that we maintain the standards of health, safety and hygiene that we work so hard to uphold.
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