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Ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your office

Home alone

Working from home is becoming more popular, but did you know it can also help to reduce your business’s carbon emissions? No commute, less resources used at the office AND working in your PJ’s – winner, winner!

Recycle central

You can always do a little more… Why not link up with a company recycling something specific, like bread bags or pet food pouches? You can even take it one step further and become a public drop off point.

Ride it out

On your bike! Cycle to work schemes are a great way to significantly reduce business emissions. These could be loans for purchasing bikes, a rack outside the office and cycling related social events, all of which will help to get your workforce from four to two wheels.

Star suppliers

Companies can decrease their carbon footprints by making sure their supply chains are sustainable. That means using eco-friendly suppliers for products and services, which will see a reduction in any hidden carbon emissions. How about recycled paper for the printer, or ethically sourced bamboo pens?

Meat Free Mondays

If you’re an office full of carnivores, then this might be a tough sell! Going meatless on Mondays is a great way to show commitment to both reducing carbon emissions and healthy eating.

Plant it

Still want more? Consider off-setting your company’s emissions with a tree planting scheme – it’s great for the environment, encourages employees to get involved and creates valuable links with the community.

Lights out

With the best will in the world, there’s always the chance that the last person out of the office in the evening (or the cleaner) will forget to flick that last light switch. Investing in an automatic lighting system could be the way forward for green focused companies – it’ll save money too.

Go paperless

Every office has one – that person who seems to want to print every email they are sent. Why not make up for their paper waste by going digital where you can? Encourage your staff to download train tickets and boarding passes to their smartphones when they travel.

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