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Setting up the perfect home office

The essentials

Depending on your role, you’ll require different equipment to effectively do your job. Basic essentials include; equipment, a power outlet, access to the internet, a headset for calls and a well-adjusted and properly setup desk. As part of your desk, you’ll want your back to be supported with a comfortable chair, screens adjusted, and your mouse properly positioned. This will ensure that you’re working comfortably and ensure that you don’t sustain injuries down the line. If you’re having issues with setting up the ergonomics of your home office then speak to your HR team.


Set up a routine as close to that of working in the office as you can. Be strict with yourself and set yourself daily targets, just as you would in the office. If you’re working from home with someone else ensure they are aware of when you’ll be taking breaks. Try to coinside them so they don’t distract you during working time.


Whether it’s walking the dog, doing the laundry or catching up on that missed episode, set aside time in your day when you will carry out these activities. It can be incredible difficult to switch from ‘work’ to ‘fun’ so be aware of that when planning your day.


Avoid setting up shop in a place where you know you’ll be plagued by distractions. For example, the kitchen, because no one wants spaghetti sauce on their latest annual report!

Separate work from home

Try to ensure that you keep your ‘office’ life and ‘home’ life separate. Ideally, you’ll have a separate room from where you can work. Often workers don’t have this luxury.


If you’re working from a room that isn’t an office, try to ensure you move all work setup at the end of the day. That way you’ll still get that ‘coming home from work’ feeling.

Making it ‘yours’

Just like your desk in the office, personal touches can make your home office a nicer place to be. Whether you’re a minimalist, extravagant or love all things weird!


Personal touches might include photographs, desk plants or motivational quotes. Whatever it is, it will be personal to you. You want to enjoy being in your space.

Help with working from home

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