What our accreditation means

Only suppliers proven to be efficient in servicing the needs of academic establishments and offering high quality products/services are listed as suppliers on SUPC agreements. The SUPC & LUPC act as a mediator in generating savings and better value for members through the collaborative procurement of goods and services. Our listing on the SUPC & LUPC framework means you can be sure that you are receiving a quality service and great value on all of your travel requirements backed up with support in country that can only be gained by working with a global organisation.
What we do
Our standard of service
Our dedicated Business Travel Experts work alongside universities to offer the best standard of service. Universities that work with us are provided with a dedicated booking team. Each team includes upwards of three Travel Experts, a Contract Manager and a Business Travel Manager. Outside of office hours, universities are offered 24/7 support through our Global Travel Help team.
Where we are going
Business Travel by STA Travel aim to meet and exceed the expectations of universities, that’s why we actively listen to feedback and tailor-make reports, offer in depth training and regular onsite visits to suit the needs of each individual account. We don’t believe in a ‘one-size’ policy, we know the needs of each university is different and that’s why we make changes along the way.

Who we work with