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Our Sustainability

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Protecting our planet

This planet is our playground. We spend our time creating unforgettable adventures for travellers from every avenue of life. Therefore, it’s only right that we as a business do all we can to preserve the planet for future generations to enjoy. Through managing the environmental impacts of our own business, we hope to inspire our customers to consider their impact as well.

What we have achieved

At the beginning of every year, we set ourselves environmental objectives to make sure that we stay on track. We are constantly reviewing our travel policy, suppliers and internal policies to ensure that we leave the smallest footprint possible on this earth. In 2019, we decreased the units of electricity used per annum by 12%, and reduced paper usage by 15%.


We’ve previously worked closely with Sustainable Travel International (STI) to reduce our carbon footprint and help our customers to reduce any negative impact their travel might have on the environment.

Sustainable booking

We allow bookers to search ‘by sustainability’ in our online tool, ensuring they can achieve a lower carbon footprint


We include bespoke CO2 reports in reviews with all of our clients. Our flight results can be sorted by carbon emissions

ISO 14001

We are ISO 14001 accredited, which certifies that we are an environmentally friendly business

ISO 14001 accreditation

We're committed to making big changes! As part of our commitment to our environmental policy, we set our sights on the ISO14001 accreditation. This accreditation ensures that we are doing everything within our power to reduce the environmental impact we have as a business. The accreditation is globally recognised and a key pillar in our policies.
Our social responsibility

The little extras


We encourage rail travel & car sharing with all of our on the road employees


We now only have glass milk bottles in the office

Paper towels

We only use recycled paper towels in our bathrooms & kitchen

Shut down devices

We shut down all our electronic devices before we leave the office

Smart lighting

We’ve installed smart lighting in all of our buildings

Recycled brochures

All of our brochures are sustainably sourced and 100% recyclable

Our green champion

Meet Sarah. Sarah is our office green champion. She is in place to ensure every member of the office is considering their environmental impact. As part of our ISO 14001 accreditation, we are constantly reviewing the procedures we have in place to ensure we are as green as possible. Our green champion keeps our whole team updated on the steps we’re taking as a business to ensure we’re environmentally friendly. Thanks Sarah, you’re the best!
Our green champion

Sustainable business travel

Love our planet as much as we do? Of course you do! Check out the very latest top tips for eco-friendly behaviour at home and away. Served to you by the experts. (That’s us by the way)

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