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The future of Business Travel

Setting the standard

It seems Chinese carriers & airports are setting international standards when it comes to cyber security & luggage handling systems. Airports are set to invest more in IT upgrades & new software, putting bag tracking & fighting hackers at the top of their agendas. 
Traveller: it’s good news for travellers across the board. Increased security, better baggage handling & reclaim as well as improved service times.
Employer: anticipate changes in online usage & baggage tracking. We recommend advising your travellers to always stay vigilante in terms of online security.

The dawn of electric planes

Currently air travel is contributing 8% to the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Airports, suppliers & providers are making way for a new wave of electric flight services. London Heathrow are offering to waive landing fees, worth around £1m, to the first airline that schedules a regular hybrid electric flight by 2030. 
Traveller: travel safe in the knowledge your business meeting isn’t hurting the environment
Employer: that carbon footprint that you work so hard to track could finally be cut for good!


In recent months, we have seen an increase in top airlines (E.g Singapore & Turkish Airlines) changing the configuration of their medium-haul/ long-haul planes, making space for the new seating. Top airlines are constantly upgrading their business class seats, providing in-flight entertainment, WiFi and much more! 
Traveller: comfortable travel, making for more productive meetings. #Winning!  
Employer: look out for low priced business & premium economy seating on medium to long-haul business trips for your employees. This can help aid wellbeing and avoid traveller burnout! 

Micro hotels go mainstream

Bitesize luxury! The rise of compact hotels is a trend that started in Japan and is spreading into the West. Worldwide in airports and cities we can see the pop-up style compact hotels, which include sleeping pods and basic accommodation providers.
Traveller: always read up on where you’re staying. If you’re uncomfortable staying with a provider and have a valid reason speak to your employer. 
Employer: consider the style of accommodation your travellers need. Could you save company money by opting for a basic but completely sufficient provider?

Employee wellbeing

Traveller wellbeing is well documented, and is a travel trend set to spike in the future. This trend has seen the rise in wellbeing apps, in every sector from meditation and step counters, to travel journals and mindfulness. 
Traveller: consider your wellbeing whilst away. Ensure you are eating right, exercising and staying as close as possible to your day-to-day routine. If you feel burnout coming on speak to your employer & get help.
Employer: be aware of the wellbeing of your travellers. If you don’t already it is recommended to have a traveller wellbeing review. Consider rest days for travellers during travel, or opt for higher flight classes to ease employee unrest.

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