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Top tips for conference travellers


Ever felt like you are running out of time before the big event? The best advice you can get (because time travel isn’t a thing yet), is to make sure you research before the big day and compare all the prices you can get hold of. Otherwise you could be stuck with the worst locations and expensive prices. Ask for a special offer or discount (some hotels give a special promotion for specific events). Make sure you don’t fall for the common myth “It gets cheaper over time”. It doesn’t. Always book early. 


In a new city and not sure how to get to the big event? We can help with that. Google maps will be your best and closest friend on this mini adventure. You name it, Google maps can find it! Now, we don’t want to cause any problems but Siri could rival Google maps in this regard. Your own personal 24/7 helpline is literally always by your side, just use your smart phone and ask Siri/Alexa for android devices and she can answer any question you have. For the younger business travellers, this could be a very new concept but you can’t go wrong with the tried and trusted. Asking locals for directions could be your quickest and easiest method to get around. They may even have a few shortcuts to make the journey a little easier.

Top tips

It’s the night before the big day. You’re nervous. You think you have everything sorted but can’t seem to shake the idea you forgot something. Escape these sorts of sleepless nights with these top tips to help you make a big splash on the day. Firstly, and we can’t stress this enough, researching everything you can about the conference can make the difference between being an amateur or looking like a professional. Venue, attendees, activities - there’s no such thing as too much research. Next up, wake up calls! Whatever time you’re waking up, go to bed 10 minutes earlier and wake up 10 minutes earlier. Those precious minutes can make all the difference for you to prepare for the day. It may not sound like a lot but in those 10 minutes you can make a hot beverage, take a shower or grab breakfast, which is much more ideal than rushing round your room frantically. This seems like an obvious one but you’ll be surprised how often this comes up, remember the documents! Leave them in your bag, on the table, by your bed, anywhere you can see them and have quick access to. Don’t be the attendee who makes this mistake! 

Getting around

Choosing how you get around a city could make or break the day. We highly recommend not hiring a car unless you’re very comfortable with the city, or have been there before. A taxi is most likely to be the quickest and easiest way to get around, but make sure to check it’s a registered cab and make sure to carry plenty of cash with you. If you have a little bit of extra time, and aren’t far away from the venue, then why not walk it? It’s the perfect opportunity to get to know the surrounding area and you may even find some local hotspots you could check out after work.

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