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Appreciating your workforce

Incentive trips

Call us biased, but free travel is always a winner. Whether it’s a week lounging around in Bali, or a few days in Europe, an incentive trip is the perfect way to say ‘cheers’!


On their return, you can expect sky high productivity levels from your key performers, as well those who just missed the trip pushing even harder for next year. Who doesn’t love a little healthy competition? The money it costs to fund annual incentive trips will likely outweigh the return on investment.

Social events

Food, games and beers; yep, sounds like a ‘staff do’. If your workforce is anything like ours, then they’ll never turn down free food. Whether it’s a team dinner, BBQ, an afternoon outing, or a breakfast club, social events can be easy to organise and inexpensive.


Social events are a great way for new and old employees to network, learn about internal opportunities, and socialise in a more relaxed setting. It’s where the team bonding really happens.


Quick, easy, effective and yet often overlooked. If you’re not already, it’s time to start singing the praises of your highest achievers.


It’s not just a pat on the back for your high achievers; it’s also an incentive for all team members. Showing recognition will give your other employers something to work towards. However, make sure your thanks and praise is genuine; your team will know if it is not. Likewise, personal emails will achieve the same result, and can go a long way.

Employee of the month

It’s not just a movie title- it’s also one of the most commonly used incentive methods, and that’s because it works!


Monthly goals and targets give your team small achievements to work towards, which all make up towards hitting those annual targets. Rewards can be as small or as large as you like; ringing a bell, receiving chocolates, an extra day of leave, shopping vouchers, or even putting their face on a mug. The result is your high achiever feels appreciated, and the rest of your team have something to work towards.

Leave early

The feeling as you skip through the doors at 4pm on a Friday is one that should be bottled up and sold for big bucks. Let’s face it, the office can at times be a stressful and chaotic environment; the chance to dodge the last hour of the day can make all the difference.


Offering your employees the chance to leave the office early is not only free, but functional to many job roles. Clocking off early will encourage work productivity and enable your employees to have more time to themselves- everyone’s happy!

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