What's in your carry on?

ID and Money
Always keep your identification and travel money with you at all times. It’s also worth keeping anything else of monetary value in your carry-on, just for peace of mind. Our experts recommend keeping both your domestic and international currency with you on the flight, just in case your luggage does get lost.

Electricals and fragile items
Baggage handlers aren’t known for their gentle hands, so it’s always a good idea to keep anything fragile or electrical in your carry on. Arriving at the hotel to find your laptop smashed to bits isn’t the best way to start your trip!

Change of clothes and toiletries
A change of clothes and a few products to freshen up after a flight can be a life-saver, especially if you’ve been on a long-haul trip. If your luggage does end up going missing, you won’t be stranded in a foreign country without the essentials!

Important documents
Pretty much every team member had this in their list, and we couldn’t agree more. Before you fly, make sure you have any important documents you might need for the duration of your trip, that includes your VISA and hotel reservations.


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