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Why aren’t we using rail?

Time & cost

Admittedly, it all depends on whether it’s a long or short haul trip. For example, a return journey from Manchester to Edinburgh takes 3 and a half hours with Virgin Trains and costs a minimum of £64. Whereas a flight only takes an hour and costs approximately £50 with some carriers. The decision seems simple, right? If the same journey costs more and takes longer, why would you travel by train? For many business travellers time is money!

Can anyone move up please?

Think back to the last time you got on a train during rush hour and it wasn’t overcrowded. We’re guessing you can’t! We’ve all been there, standing shoulder to shoulder at the train platform waiting for the train to pull in, to see that they’ve once again sent a 2-carriage train… sigh! In recent years, booking first class rail journeys has become a little bit of a “no-no” in the business travel world, but as standard class gets busier and the economy class on planes slowly improves, will the attitudes of business travellers have to change?

Delays & train repay

In recent times, train issues have become more common than ever before! Don’t believe us? Take a look at the following statistics: 


• In 2018, approximately 241,932 trains were cancelled - this is an average of 660 trains per day. 
• Last year UK passengers lost almost four million hours due to significant train delays, these delays affected more than 8.1 million UK passengers. 


Did you know that most train companies offer compensation if your train is delayed for over 30 minutes? Despite this, only 34% of passengers claimed compensation on their delayed train journey, with most stating that the process for compensation was too complicated. 

Why we should use them?

Did you know that there are 2,546 train stations in the UK, and only 40 airports? These lines run through cities, towns, villages and industrial estates. You name it, they’ve probably got a train station! This makes rail one of the most convenient modes of transport for the wandering business traveller. 

Not only is it convenient, but it’s also the greenest mode of transport. There’s never been so much pressure for companies to go green! Network Rail, who manage and maintain UK rail, unveiled plans to ban all single use plastic from train stations in 2020. This is the perfect opportunity for businesses to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk, by saying “no” to plane travel and “yes” to booking rail.

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